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With GeoFli, we can customize content based on visitor location in three basic ways.

Selecting a region can be done using surgical precision or drawn using loose interpretations. Regions can be as large or as small as your target audience warrants. There are three ways to create regions: Location Library, Radius Targeting & Custom Draw.


San Diego, California

Create a radial region of 25 miles around San Diego, California. Show that region that you’ll be around from August 13 – 15 for a fair, trade show, or business trip and that you’d like to meet up.

New England

Custom draw a region that includes Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Show this region their regional representative, admissions counselor, salesperson, account manager/contact, and more.

Any Continental U.S. State or County

Choose any state or county within the continental U.S. to show them customized content that they can relate to. Do customers in Texas convert at a measurably lower rate than the rest of the U.S.? Relate to them by showing them customized content, like this:


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