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How does GeoFli pull my site into the dashboard?

GeoFli proxies your website into the dashboard to allow you to select page areas and to preview changes.

In the past when we see this come up it’s usually easily resolved by working with the content management system or hosting provider.  Tools like this will block other websites from “proxying” the website like this as a security measure, and it’s usually easy to add a rule allowing specific sites.

Below is the information that we’ve sent to other hosting providers to get it fixed, usually this is a pretty straightforward request that gets resolved quickly.

To resolve this the hosting provider or Content Managment System can whitelist the GeoFli IP address (listed below) to allow the GeoFli server to access the site, I’ve also listed the error messages with reference numbers from our public, production server as well as a development server.

GeoFli application

IP Address:

URL: app.geofli.com

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